Christmas panto

This year for the Christmas pantomime we used an African folktale, which was similar to the British Cinderella story, to devise a performance to present to the children and parents in the primary school. The tale was called Ayanna and with the support of the trainees and coordinators, we helped the primary children improve their arts skills to produce an outstanding performance.

"It was an unforgettable experience that we would certainly do again!" -  Naomi Melville, Assistant Drama Coordinator

We decided to give everyone an exhilarating event to get everyone into the festive mood for Christmas, whether they celebrated it or not. So, many children successfully participated in creating Christmas cards for their families or friends, which they enjoyed thoroughly. 

There was also a street dance performed by some of the primary trainees to the song Birthday, which was a personal favourite among some, gaining huge applause from the audience for their phenomenal effort. Below is an image showing them working hard during rehearsals to master the quirky steps: